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The transition bellows we produce ensure a smooth and fluent transit between the two wagons. You will not even realize that you have passed through the space between the two wagons.

Our Bavo company supplies for customers bellows to the trains, regional trains and other trains up to 200 km/h.

We supply transition bellows for:

  • Standard railway lines
  • Regional trains
  • Metro vehicles
  • Urban light rail vehicles
  • Monorails

Size of delivery of transition joint of articulated trams:

  • Transition bellows consisting of an inner and outer folding or bellows bellows
  • Floor cover plates - bridges
  • Optional cabling

Advantages of transition join from Bavo Poříčí

  • Easy installation
  • Withstanding excessive demands
  • Construction and design can be adjusted to demands of customers, also for high-floor or low-floor trams
  • Our materials meet the latest applicable fire protection standards and can be supplied in many modern colors


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Transition bellow

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