You see our transition and leather bellows all the time, maybe every day. In public transport, especially on buses, trams and trains, thousands of passengers travel safely and reliably every day.

All this with comfort and your peace of mind in mind and almost maintenance-free operation. We will work with you to find the best solution for articulated and non-articulated vehicles. However, we also manufacture and refurbish bellows for vehicles that are no longer in production.

We work precisely and honestly

We act responsibly and humanely

Tvoříme s důvěrou v to, co děláme

We have the courage to face the challenges

A material that stands the test of time and conforms to standards

Each means of transport has different requirements for durability. That's why we manufacture our bellows from materials that meet the requirements of strict standards for flammability and smoke resistance, as well as durability, which we pay particular attention to. Our bellows can withstand 10 years of operation without any problems.

For example, we use a special silicone canvas for the production of bellows that is durable and safe for operation. We also use leather for the bellows, which can withstand very harsh conditions. We use this material especially for small bellows that are found in the lower parts of vehicles. We will always work with you to evaluate which material is right for your needs.

We will be happy to discuss the type of bellows and its design with you. To ensure the comfort and safety of the persons transported.

Transition bellows

Transition bellows ensure safe movement of passengers. They also reliably maintain the temperature inside the vehicle. Neither the cold nor the summer heat will get to them. The bellows also provide sound insulation so that no sound from outside can penetrate the interior. Of course, they meet the standards for flammability and smoke resistance.

Every bellows is an original! We manufacture them for you according to the drawings. We can customize the outer dimensions, radii, number of waves and style of meshing. We can make one bellows for you or a whole series for one type of vehicle. Everything always according to the vehicle, standards and laws.

Leather bellows, air bellows

Leather bellows protect cables or anything that needs to be hidden from the elements. They are most often made for tram and train chassis for cable routing.

Thanks to their rigidity, they last a long time and provide protection for sensitive parts of transport vehicles. Leather bellows can withstand grease, oil and weathering.

Transition and leather bellows service

Our bellows have a trouble-free service life of up to 10 years. However, we are available for repairs and also for your vehicle maintenance plans. We will supply you with spare parts, refit the bellows and help you with any repairs, for example after an accident.


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