We enjoy challenges! In metal fabrication we engage our imaginative side and offer you the production of medium-sized constructions and smaller products, both standard and atypical. We offer our metal fabrication services not only to large companies that supply all over the world, but also to small customers who need a partner with perfect knowledge and ideas for their business.

Precision product processing

The courage to face challenges

Standard and atypical products

Light and medium weight construction

Everything you need for your production

You will find components from our production that our customers use in their production in agriculture all over the world, on workout fields, in cars or even in the gardens of houses. The portfolio of our customers to whom we supply products includes a variety of machines, equipment and facilities. For all of these we can prepare components, structures or any metal parts.

Our production can be small batch, but we can also produce a single piece for you. We are happy to offer you our ideas and precise workmanship. Because we enjoy thinking efficiently!

Technological units

We will prepare for you technological metal assemblies that can be used for a wide range of metal products such as automotive parts, agricultural machinery components or machine parts. In particular, we offer you the production of medium-sized structures and smaller units.

For finished components, we can also provide welding as well as all surface treatments such as blasting, blackening, powder and wet painting and even coating.

Prototypes and small series production

If you need it, we can also produce a single prototype in metal for you to use, for example, for production or to fine-tune your designs and functionality.

In this way, we will bring your clever ideas to life, and we will also be happy to offer you our know-how, suggestions for improvements and help with fine-tuning. We are happy to become a one-off or prototype manufacturer. However, we can also be your supplier for small series production of any parts and designs.

Cuttings and cuttings with bends

We can make virtually any kind of bend or bend for you, if it is within the capabilities of our workshop. We work with sheets from 0.5 mm to 20 mm thick, in a maximum dimension of 2 × 4 m and with steel in a maximum length of 6 m.

Our products are mainly components that you can use in your production to make your products.

  • Components for various machines and equipment (from tractors to barbecues)
  • parts for coupling and traction bellows
  • forgings, forgings with bends and finished products
  • finished components (weldments with surface treatment)

Design and art products

Our production process has no limits to the imagination and we are happy to take on any challenge. We will prepare for you design and art metal products, perfectly elaborated and with an eye for detail.

In our portfolio we have, for example, grills, products for anniversary celebrations and other products that will delight with their design and functionality. We will be happy to work with you to fine-tune your ideas and advise you on the technological possibilities of our production.


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